Pay Attention ... Drowning Prevention

Our beautiful beaches and sparkling pools are part of what make Southern California one of the most desirable places in the country to live, work and play year round.

But, water comes with the potential for great danger. Things like unattended tubs and buckets filled with water are not often thought of as drowning dangers. But they should be.

The reality is that children, and even adults, can slip under the water silently and
without much commotion. Even more frightening, drownings can occur even with a house full of adults and kids.

We all think someone else is watching, right?

Because we all need to work together to avoid senseless tragedy, the County of Riverside and its partnering agencies -- CALFire/Riverside County Fire Departmenand the Riverside University Health System–Public Health -- are committed to the water safety of residents and visitors.

*2017 Fatal and non-fatal drowning events in Riverside County


National Drowning Awareness Month
Drowning Prevention PSA


Water Safety Press Conference
Child Drownings

Partnering Agencies